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I Think Bono (U2) said it best, ‘I still haven’t found what i’m looking for’. Jesus said it first though, to a lady at a watering point. She was on husband number five and already onto prospective husband number six.

Jesus challenged her to believe in Him, promising her that should she believe in Him, she would never need another husband again. She would find satisfaction and what she was looking for, in Him.

You and I live mostly as a true reflection of U2’s song; searching everywhere for something, someone that will give us a sense of worth, significance. Looking for someone or something to comfort us. In need of someone or something that will give us what we need: money, status, positions…

While we identify with the search and need for these things, we choose to take Jesus at His words. What a claim? “Come to me and you will never be thirsty again!” Or in our language, “come to me and you will find what you are looking for.”

We believe that ultimate satisfaction and life comes in us believing and living in a restored relationship with Jesus. Sin, our pursuing of other things for our joy and life, broke that relationship. Leaving us dry and ever-searching, but never satisfied, only disappointed...

If you can relate and would like to look deeper, we welcome and are open to connecting with you. We would love to meet you and share what we've discovered in our search... please contact us..